Cabo Cantina

 11829 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

What a waste of a bar

Great place to hang out with washed up whores. And that’s just the waitresses. Talk to server Ashleah. Wait, she’ll prolly just ignore you and charge you for stuff you never ordered.

But seriously. Don’t go here. I’ve been going there for 5 years. In the past couple of weeks, i have been cheated, humiliated, and over charged multiple times.

If thats how they want to run a business, that’s fine with me. They just won’t get mine. But find out for yourself. Some tips: You may have to yell really loud to get any one’s attention. Bring extra money, because you will get over charged. Don’t worry about your 19 yr old girlfriend, because she can get in if she shows her cleavage to the bouncers.

Goodluck. I would rather hang out with a homeless dude, any one of the 4 that hang out there.



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