Papa John's Pizza

 3108 S Mcclintock Dr
Tempe, AZ

Morning Crew Is The Worst

Every time I order a pizza from the morning crew my pizza is always disgustingly under cooked and I’m constantly calling Kayla to complain. I get free pizzas because of it, but I’m going to have to order them from the night crew. The night crew knows how to make a pizza, the morning crew? Not so much.

SLOP!!!!!!!! - 1 Large 1 Topping Special at Papa John's Pizza

1 Large 1 Topping Special

I had a cheese pizza with light sauce and then black olives on only one half of it. How could you possibly screw that up? How could that possibly come out under cooked? Somehow when you order in the afternoon instead of the evening, that’s what you get.

I got it for free (again) because the last 4 pizzas we’ve ordered from the morning crew were either raw, or the ingredients were just flat out placed incorrectly to where it doesn’t cook right…

1 Medium 1 Topping Pizza SPECIAL!

It was delicious until I got to the raw end of my pizza. Then I was really pukey and we all had diarrhea for 3 days. Keep in mind this is when ordering from the early bird crew. when you order from the night crew they never mess a pizza up! I’m going to start ordering all my pizzas from the night crew and ask the store owner to fire their morning crew, they do a horrible job!!!!!

I paid like 10 bucks for this pizza and it wasn’t even worth 1 dollar after they were done making it. Thanks for making me sick Kayla!

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