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Pizza Hut

 9721 Jefferson Hwy
New Orleans, LA

Pizza Hut Helps Deliver for a Big Party

It’s funny that even living in a place like New Orleans where there are so many fine restaurants that a place like Pizza Hut is even acceptable. This one was near my friend’s house when he ordered for a big partry.

I love the Meat Lover’s pizza with all the toppings on it. To me that is is perfection. The Supreme Pizzas are excellent as well and I usually fancy the Chicken Supreme more than anything if I choose something from that line. I still prefer all my pizza to be in the Pan Pizza style. The meal isn’t complete without getting breadsticks to go with it. Sometimes I may order the buffalo wings if I’m really hungry. The pasta dishes are surprising pretty good as well.

All of this was delivered to my friend’s place. A good thing, too, since it was a lot of food. All in all, it’s nice to indulge in something different once in a while.

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