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 10710 Sepulveda Blvd
Mission Hills, CA

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Haven’t been back since I worked in the area 6 years ago. I was hoping to get a Giamella’s style sandwich without having to drive 20 miles today. I went there today and was pleasantly surprised that they still build them the same way: loaded with meat and tomatoes, onions, pickles, and yellow chiles if you ask. An associate and I decided to try two different larges so that we could split them and enjoy both. We had the Philly Steak and the Pastrami. The Philly was very good which popped with flavor, especially having the grilled onions on it. I’d have that again. The Pastrami on the other hand was very bland. The meat itself was not fatty or of bad quality, it just lacked any flavor. I’ll be going back to try some others and since they did not have any menus for me to take back to work, I’ll take a picture of the menu with my phone to share. This place is a hole in the wall, which I like, nothing fancy, but has potential. Giamella’s (Burbank, Sunland) is still better in my opinion and has a better price( $6/lg vs. $9/lg).

Philly Steak

Very flavorful, would enjoy this again.


Wasn’t bad per se, just not a lot of flavor

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