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Yummy, with a side of Yum!!

I love food! I love to cook everythging! I will try anything once, twice, and maybe three times if I like it. I


Grinder's Restaurant

 208 Northpark Sq
Lancaster, SC

Yummy, simple, and unforgettable.....

A place where everyone knows your name, servers treat you like a friend, and sweet tea is never ending.
I have never been so comfortable in a little bar and grille in all my laugh. The bar tenders laughed and joked with everyone and the food was served hot, quick, and hefty portions! It was clean, laid back, and the term “rude” does not even exsist in a place like this.
You will not be disappointed in the atmostphere there! Try it, you will love it!

Pepper Jack Cheese Balls with a Wine a Cheese sauce

These Pepper Jack cheese balls were one of the best fried cheese dishes I have tired, and trust me I love cheese!! They came out hot ‘n’ ready, the cheese was perfectly melted, to the point where it did not scold in the inside of your mouth when you bit in to them. The crust was the perfect crunch, with just the right amount of seasoning. The cheese was creamy and not too spicy and they just melted in your mouth.
The wine and cheese sauce, I cannot even describe to how good it was. It is a sauce that you want to pour over everything and lick it off of each and every finger, forgetting every bit of table etiquette you have ever learned when it comes down to it!
Have a delicious day!!

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