Nick & Bruno's Pizzeria

 10121 Grand Ave
Franklin Park, IL

After 20 years I will no longer order from them!

Okay, I never thought I that I would be the type of person to write a review about a business good or bad, but with tonight’s experience I decided it’s best that people know what happened.

My mother decided that she wanted to order pizza tonight…so she called Nick and Bruno’s to order our pizza at 5:20 pm the estimated delivery time was to be 45 minutes later so ~6:05.

Since I was starving, I started pacing around the house just waiting for the pizza to be delivered at around 6. No such luck, since this is an extremely rare that they are late I gave them the benefit of the doubt and would give them some extra time. At around 6:30 I start getting extremely impatient and agitated. I figured I’d give them an additional 15minutes before I called them to figure out the status of my order….15 minutes came around , no pizza.

So at this point I called and spoke with the receptionist. I said “we ordered our pizza nearly 2 hours ago and still have not received it” she asked for my address which I promptly provided and she said that “they were really busy and that she knew that our pizza had already left and should be on its way.” Great! I thought, but 20 minutes later the pizza was still not here.

Needless to say my mom was pissed off…its 7:20 pm….2 hours after we ordered on a pizza that was supposed to be delivered in 45 minutes. She decided to take matters into her own hands and call them. She immediately asked for the manager so she complain. The manager asked her address and phone number, Immediately she realized that the receptionist didn’t write down the correct phone number when we first ordered. She corrected their mistake and proceeded to ask why our pizza was not here yet.

This is where it gets good, he then told her that her card was declined and that they tried to contact us to inform us of the problem. Obviously we didn’t get that message because the damn receptionist didnt take down our phone number correctly. On top of that there was definitely money on the card which we verified after the phone call. But at this point my mom brings up the fact that I had called 20 minutes prior and the receptionist failed to mention ANYTHING about this situation, in fact she said the pizza was on its way! My mother then proceeded to give them her other card number…he then says THAT card was declined (bullshit, we checked that account as well there was more than enough money on the card and we used the card right after the phone call to make sure this guy was bullshitting.) She tried to explain the situation to him but with his broken English she couldn’t get through to him, she got frustrated and hung up.

She explained the situation and I thought I would take a turn to complain/explain.

I called AGAIN…asked for the manager and politely tried explained the situation. He then cut me off and wanted to say his side of the story, which was fine…but I don’t think he understood that he wasn’t making any sense.

I proceeded to explain that it was the receptionist fault that THEY didn’t have the correct phone number(even though we’ve been ordering pizza from them since 1994) to tell us that our card was declined, I then explained to him that it was also the receptionist fault that she didn’t inform me about the situation that our card was declined when I first called to inquire about our order. So, since said receptionist fucked up twice this means they fucked up twice. Regardless of whether the card was declined or not I still had the option to pay in cash and I still SHOULD HAVE BEEN INFORMED ON MY FIRST INQUIRY PHONE CALL.

I must have been on the phone for 10 minutes with this guy who is really arguing with me and getting quite loud. I then said that I would give him a terrible review on yelp and his tone suddenly changed. Although he still had quite a lot of arrogance in his voice I knew that I had finally got to him. He then told me that he would make the pizza if I would pay the $25 in cash, I laughed and said NO, I’m not paying more than $15 bucks for dealing with this BS I was even hoping that our entire pizza would be comped but I knew this guy wouldn’t go that far. He then said that he would attach the card statements for each time that he tried to use both cards and that the pizza would be there with in a half hour.

Surprise! Surprise! The pizza actually got to our house in 20 minutes!

Upon reviewing said receipts I found the cards were not declined, but that the transactions failed, which since we used 2 separate cards from two separate card companies this was not a problem on our end, but on theirs.

I’ve worked in the service industry and the one rule of thumb that EVERYONE knows is the customer is ALWAYS right(even if their not, but in this case I was)Like I said, we’ve been ordering from them for 20 years and never had a problem until today. But the way I was treated, talked to and lied to I will no longer be ordering from Nick and Bruno’s.



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