La Bamba Mexican Restaurant

 606 S 6th St
Champaign, IL

LaBamba's Poor Staff

On Sunday the 8th my friend Megan I went to LaBambas located on Glen Park Drive in Champaign IL.

Megan and I went through the drive through and placed an order for our meal which included two cheese quesadillas. When we arrived home we discovered not cheese quesadillas but two tacos.

Megan called LaBamba’s and explained to them the mix up. It wasn’t a big deal as people make mistakes and we just wanted it corrected.

The employees at the store were extremely rude. We explained to them that we ordered cheese quesadillas and they stated that what they had given us was a cheese quesadilla and we were wrong. They said for us to look at the menu and see what the quesadilla are. We explained to them that the menu picture was a tortilla with cheese folded in half.

The response was that the menu picture was wrong. As a result Megan and I asked for our money back and this was refused and we were told to order something else. I called my friend who the quesadillas were for and explained the situation. She responded that quesadillas from LaBamba have always been a tortilla with cheese folded in half.

In the mean time the employees were speaking in Spanish clearly talking about us and laughing. This is EXTREMELY rude and discourteous.

Megan and I ended up leaving with out a refund or any food.

Due to the rudeness of the staff, and lack of professionalism of making fun of customers we and many people we know will no longer be eating at LaBambas in Champaign or Urbana.


Couldn’t rate the dish because they wouldn’t admit their mistake and make us a quesadilla.

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