Horsehead Bar-BQ

 99 W Broadway
Eugene, OR

Worst staff.

Used to like going to this bar. Last night however was a completely different story. I’m hard of hearing, I’ve got what’s called a cookie bite hearing loss (the Audiogram looks like there’s a bite out of the line graph) and its specifically in the speech range, so not only is it hard for me to have good balance, it’s really difficult for me to hear myself so I shout a lot especially when there’s loud music. We got there around 9:30/10pm after we had gone bowling. I walked in and went straight for the bathroom, after coming out of the bathroom, my friend got me a glass of water and we went to go play pool. I never ever ordered a drink from horsehead last night. So we’re playing pool (remember balance problems+trying to do trick shots) I see my boyfriend get a drink. When he came back I had two (2) sips, the bartender came over told the bouncer to kick me out because I was drunk. I hadn’t been drinking, I’m 26, and I’m extremely livid with this place and their lack of ability to tell the difference between a stumbling drunk and a deaf person.

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