Kennedy's Kwik Inn

 385 Main St
Colorado Springs, CO


Been going for 22 years now, but since it’s changed to “Dad’s” the service is changing. Today I ordered my usual corn beef hash and eggs and the hash which is normally fantastic was just some hash browns with a piece of corn beef cut up on top. Then they decided to toss my eggs on top of all that. This has never happened before and when I asked the waitress, she told me “that’s how they make it now, I have no idea why because that isn’t hash”. She was sorry but there wasn’t much else that could be done I guess. Such a shame, they used to make one of the best breakfast’s in the area in my opinion. But it’s all about the BBQ now. The owner wasn’t there either this morning I assume because when I left and walked around the back towards my home all the cooks and the same waitress were outside listening to heavy metal really loud and joking around while the two youngest girls tried to take care of the inside. I guess it was break time for the whole restaurant, either that or the back table is supposed to be a miniature corner pocket pool hall. This place used to really feel like a family joint and I can remember coming here since I was just a teenager in high school, I don’t think I or my family will be going back though. There’s always coke’s and mom’s kitchen down in fountain if I want that family feel. For the record Chef Juan and Sara Carrico were not there this morning, perhaps that is another reason things were the way they were.

Corn Beef Hash and Eggs

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