Nick's Restaurant

 Rockaway Beach Ave
Pacifica, CA

Birthday dinner

Ordered captains plate. Quite expensive. Composed of left-over scraps of old, nearly off seafood.
There was dirt and gravel in the plate on several items. Amateur preparation.
Didn’t complain because it was a family birthday outing.
Grave insult to reputation of Nicks.
Was the dishwasher cooking?

captain's plate

Dirt on plate mixed with old scraps of seafood. Very poor preparation.
Past meals were excellent but I can only remember this travesty.
Didn’t send back because wife’s birthday party. Just left uneaten.
As bad as any meal I’ve ever come across!

crab sandwich

Got this for take-out. Crab was old, but bread (sourdough) was older, hard and ancient.
Showed lack of care and contempt for diner.
Too bad because other times this dish was much better.
Also too bad because this is Nicks signature dish.

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