Glenn's Diner

 1820 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL


Went for breakfast this morning. Had reservations for 11:00. We ordered Kids French Toast which according to my grandson was “Great”. My husband ordered three eggs over hard, ham and whole wheat toast, I ordered a seasonal vegetable frittata. Got our meal in about 20 minutes. Another person delivered the meal, not our waitress. My husbands eggs were over easy not over hard, no toast. My Frittata, the eggs were burnt and the veggies were undercooked. Our waitress never came over or came close enough for us to ask that it be corrected. Finally she shows up after we are done. I told her just FYI my husbands egg were cooked wrong, no toast and my eggs were burnt and the veggies were undercooked. She looked at me and said "OK Thank You, would you like your Frittata to take home. I only could eat a 1/8 of it, it was so bad. UGH really why would I want to take something home that I couldn’t eat because it was BURNT! It would have been nice to get an apology and maybe a discount. But NO that didn’t happen, so I write this review to warn others. What a disappointment. Was planning on going for dinner, think we have changed our minds.

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