Milton Inn

 14833 York Rd
Sparks, MD

Very good food but poor customer service

My husband and I have been to the Milton Inn many times in the past; in fact, I recently wrote a review on Oct. 2011. However, although the food is still excellent, the customer service and sensitivity toward customers’ needs seems to have taken a turn for the worse. We were seated and ordered drinks and appetizers, and my husband asked if the prosciutto & chive polenta cake that came with the pan-seared pate de fois gras, not an inexpensive appetizer and one that both of us were ordering, could be served to him without the ham on top or if something like it could be substituted since he doesn’t eat ham or bacon for religious reasons. The server said no—she could leave the polenta cake off the plate but that nothing could be changed or substituted for the polenta cake. We said “OK.” While we were waiting for our entrées, the server plopped down two small cups in front of us and announced, “Here’s an amuse bouche—it’s bacon and egg.” My husband repeated that he could not eat bacon, and she turned to me and flippantly said, “Then you can eat both!” and walked away—no apology for putting food in front of him that she had just been told that he cannot eat and no substitution of any kind offered. At a five-star restaurant, the server should be more attuned to the customer’s needs, and the kitchen should be more sensitive and should offer a neutral (possibly vegetarian) choice for such things. As it was, the amuse bouche was a small piece of soggy bread in what was a mashed egg yolk mixture with pieces of bacon mixed with some kind of cream for substance making the entire offering unattractive and tasteless, unlike those we have had there so many times in the past. After my initial tasting, both were left untouched. However, our entrees were delicious. He had the rack of venison, rare as ordered with a superb wine reduction, and this time as in the past delicious green beans were substituted for the brussels sprouts with bacon. My favorite, the Bermuda Triangle, wasn’t available, so I had the rack of lamb which was tender and tasty. Although the food was great, the insensitivity of our server to my husband’s food requirements, which are not major and are the same requirements that many other people have, left the proverbial bad taste in our mouths, and our experience wasn’t as enjoyable as it has been in the past. The server was curt, had an attitude, and was very unpleasant (Cheryl?? Thin, dark hair, short, 40’s), and unfortunately because of our experience, we will think twice about returning to the Milton Inn and cannot recommend it like we have done in the past.

rack of lamb


Very tender! - Venison chops at Milton Inn

Venison chops


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