Buona Pizza

 243 South Ave E
Westfield, NJ

Pizza is the BEST....sadly dinners...the worst

I give the pizza 5 stars…however the dinners are poor (and hence this review)….I would avoid the dinner menu here as it is very weak….The veal parmesan tasted like old fried “pork” with overcooked pasta which was about 85% of the dish….and a chicken marsala made with paper thin slices of chicken, a poor excuse for Marsala sauce (watery with no taste of Marsala wine whatsoever…and again 85% overcooked pasta)….Honestly we both took two bites and trashed both dishes and chalked it up as a place not to order an Italian dinner….However on many previous occasions we enjoyed their pizza and thought to give their dinners a try. Buona is however one of the BEST PIZZA places in the Westfield area…..therefore…..they have my pizza biz….for Italian dinners I will stay at home or go elsewhere in Westfield which is 90% Italian restaurants anyway. Also weird…..I’ve lost count of how many Italian places there are already.

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