The Kitchen Consigliere

 700 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ

Angelo knows his way around the kitchen

If you’re hungry for Italian food there are many, many choices in Collingswood. I’ve tried them all save the very newest which will be opening soon just around the corner from Consigliere (where Lincoln Shoes was when I was growing up in this town). So much for showing my age…. back to Angelo and his Kitchen Consigliere. So many chefs these days like to “show off” their culinary skills by putting their own spin on things. With Italian cuisine, many of these dishes have just spun so much that what comes out of the kitchen hardly resembles what Mamma had made back in the old country. I’m not saying that this is particularly a bad thing but I just like to feel like I’m eating true Italian food, whether it be from Northern, Southern Italy or Sicily. I think that Angelo Lutz, the restaurants owner and head chef, delivers.
Kitchen Consigliere is located on the corner of Collings and Haddon Aves and is a true Italian experience and their sauce ain’t bad either. You’ll love their decor, with it’s Good Fellas and Godfather roots. It’s important to know that everything on their menu is made from scratch. I can’t really recommend one dish from “KC” because they all are fabulous in their own right. My suggestion is to bring three friends. order different entrees and share. Of course, don’t forget yourselves a couple of bottles of vino since like all restaurants in Collingswood New Jersey, it is BYOB friendly. Naturally that will save you enough moola that you’ll easily afford an appetizer, a nice cup of Pasta Fagioli and desert.
The bottom line is after your meal as you drive to wherever you’re all going, you’ll all have full belies and feel like you just left your Italian grandmothers dining room. Manga!

Rigatoni Bolognese

If you like meat gravy…. just try it! Yum*****

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