Strange Town

 2101 N Prospect Ave
Milwaukee, WI

Interesting place

I went there with a group of friends after a movie on a Saturday night. We ordered a variety of items and shared. I had never been to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and did not know what to expect. First of all let me say there is only street parking, and it was a real struggle to find a parking spot. We had to park two blocks away. The restaurant is very noisy, which made it very hard to hear the folks in our group of six. The music was too loud which added to the difficulty. We ordered two orders of “arancini.” This was a ball of rice stuffed with smoked cashew cheese. Three balls (golf-ball size) to an order. Of the things we ordered, the consensus was that this was the best of the dishes. We ordered two orders of “mushroom tartine,” which was three baguette slices with a chopped mushroom mixture on top. I thought it was very bland. We also ordered the beet plate, which was 2-3 small slices of four different colored beets with a white sauce. This was very tasty but very small. Our last choice was “roasted root vegetable galettes.” These were three little dough bundles stuffed with vegetables. They were good but very small. All the plates were about $10 each. We also ordered one each of the two desserts of the day: flour cherry cake and creme brulee. The cake was very moist and delicious. The creme brulee was pedestrian and extremely tiny—each person got about one teaspoonful (think 1/3 the size of a normal order.) The food bill + a 20% tip cost each of us $15. We had a total of six small plates and two desserts. This amount of vegetarian small plates, in my opinion, was not enough to satisfy an average adult. Two of us stopped and split a large gyro on the way home:)

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  • 3/04/2018

    Cookeleo tried County Clare in Yankee Hill, liked it, and rated it . Cookeleo liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Fresh ingredients, very good service.
    Very noisy when busy.
    Good Irish fare.

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