La Vera Cucina

 253 Route 59
Suffern, NY

Management caters to money, not people

I will never patronize this restaurant again, especially for karaoke on Fridays with the Captain and Camille. My friends and I go for karaoke every so often, and we headed there tonight. Unfortunately, there was a local little league team and their parents/coaches there tonight out celebrating (and drinking). They took over the bar. I assume it’s illegal for kids under 10 to be in a bar hanging around at the bar, but I guess that’s none of my business. The kids sang one song-cute, fine, and then some other people sing, and then the kids are allowed to sing 3 more songs in a row. So, some of the other tables of regulars, ie adults, leave, and then the karaoke DJ Marty approaches our table and says "’I hope you’re not going to complain and leave like the other table did.‘’ Actually, we are. I think he’s joking when he got in my mother’s face and says this and says ‘’well, you’re drinking water’’-he’s not joking, and she wasn’t drinking water, and my friends and I had bought 3 drinks. So, his explanation is "they do this once a year and they spent $400 and it’s not up to me, it’s management.‘’ So, I guess if management and the restaurant owner is ok with that, I won’t patronize this business EVER AGAIN. If they’re going to employ such a rude DJ to provide karaoke to paying customers, and if you cater to a party who does this ‘’once a year and spends $400,’’ then I guess it’s ok to alienate regulars or semi-regular customers. In all fairness, the food is average whenever I do order any, and the bar service has always been abysmally slow and harried. There should be more than 2 bartenders on a Friday night. It’s painful to get service or your check, and if you sit at a table by the bar, you would wait forever because nobody will come to your table to take your order. The fried calamari was rubbery when I ordered it, drinks are inconsistently priced (one bartender charges $9 for a martini, another charges $10), and one time, bacon cheese fries were $8, another time, cheese fries were $3. If you treat your customers disrespectfully, don’t expect them to return. I certainly will not. This place and its karaoke are a joke.

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  • 6/27/2015

    Cookingcutie11 tried La Vera Cucina, didn't like it, and rated it . Cookingcutie11 didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    Management caters to patrons spending more money.
    Skip this place and head into downtown Suffern to Marcellos for excellent Italian food. This place is just a bar that happens to serve food.

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