Italian Village Restaurant

 902 Mac Dade Blvd
Folsom, PA

BAD Experience

We went there specifically because Restaurant Impossible had just been there, and we trusted Chef Irvine. Either Irvine failed, or the Italian Village owners are stupid. Service very slow, we ate with dirty dishes on the table, and the sauces were all mediocre to bad. We had brucetta that we couldn’t even pick up, the bread “crisps” were just a soggy mess on the plate. Told the waitress, and she acknowledged it, but that’s it. Gross. We had 4 dishes, one meat, one crab and two regular sauces, and no one liked their food.The lasagne was a huge, tight brick of ricotta. “Crab” sauce and linguine – so much sauce it was like eating soup, oily soup. My eight year old made it maybe a 1/2 mile, then we had to pull over so she could get sick. Really sick. She blames the soup, which was the only thing we all agreed was ok. I blame the ravioli she had. I didn’t eat my dish, and was offered a piece of cheese cake as amends. Cheese cake, in place of a $14 bowl of food that none of us wanted a doggie bag for. The event was one we will not forget, unfortunately.

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