Fritz's Snack Bar

 72 Oxford Rd
Oxford, CT


If you are looking for a home-style diner with a very casual feel, then Fritz’s Snack Bar is for you.

Located in the small town of Oxford, CT, it is conveniently close to a main road, with plenty of parking.
Our dining experience at Fritz’s was around 1:00 P.M. when the diner seemed at its fullest.
Upon entering, it was slightly confusing as we stood by the narrow door, glancing around like lost children in a sea of people. After a restless minute, an employee acknowledged us with a smile, and told to seat ourselves.
As we zeroed in on the table we picked out, we realized how little space there really was between tables and chairs. With an average of two-three feet between each table, it was a bit of a squeeze.
One major downfall to the restaurant was the spatial limitations. You know the saying, if you spread your arms out and you can touch the person next to you? Well, we could have.
Being our first time entering this fine establishment, we found ourselves combing through the menu, and forced our server to make several return trips to check on us. She seemed unbothered by our indecisiveness.
Not aiding our indecisiveness was the fact that this menu offered the option of ordering anything from breakfast to dinner at any time. Finally deciding what to order, we decided on a turkey melt sandwich ($4.65) with curly fries ($3.10), and 2 chocolate chip pancakes ($3.75) with 3 pieces of bacon ($1.75).
We picked these entrees of lunch and breakfast so we had a wide range of food to critique and really know what the restaurant food was like.
Within 10 minutes of ordering our food, it came out looking very appetizing. We dove into our meals with no complaint since the food was served hot and prepared as expected.
The pancakes were perfect for a chocolate lover as they were loaded with delicious chocolate chips in every bite. The pancakes were large, and cooked perfectly, with a light, fluffy texture. The turkey melt had a generous layer of sliced turkey meat, melted, gooey cheese, and strips of crisp bacon. The meal was served warmly with a serving of tasty seasoned curly fries.
One characteristic of servers that customers always appreciate is the silent service they receive. In the restaurant industry, silent service is when the server notices something that the guest needs, such as drink refills to condiments, without a word from their customer. During our period of dazed bewilderment of what to order off the menu, our waitress catered to our needs and came back several times until we were ready. However, once the food was out, she paid less attention to us and made only one return to check up on everything. As she lost interest in checking back we reverted to our childlike mentality and our once repressed feelings of being lost and alone resurfaced.
Upon our dining at Fritz’s we took note of the cleanliness of the restrooms. The restrooms corresponded with the overall “homey” atmosphere by having earthy décor and accommodating only one person at a time. The women’s was exceptionally clean while the men’s was decent except the urinal area. Both bathrooms incorporated all of the necessities one would need.
Fritz’s opens at 5:30 A.M. Mondays through Saturdays, but unfortunately to our dismay, the establishment closes for the day at 2 P.M. On Sundays they open at 7 A.M. and close at 1 P.M. These hours do not change from the weekdays to the weekend, which makes it a hassle for students or late workers to get a chance to grab a bite to eat at this diner.

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