Dixie's Home Cookin'

 15717 E Main St
Sumner, WA


The owner needs to take a course “How To Provide Great Service”.

I went to this resturant to have breakfast this morning and ordered the “mom’s” platter. When my food arrived I proceeded to eat my bacon, some egg and potatoes. I then started in on my biscuts and gravy when I noticed an insect leg. I kindly and discreetly told the waiter who I later found out was the owner (sad) that there was an insect leg in my food. He looked at me if I were crazy, didn’t even bother to look at my napkin in which I had the leg folded in and proceeded to tell me that it was the French sage they used and that it resembles insect legs. I kindly told him that there is nothing else in this gravy that resembles what is in this napkin. At that point he proceeded to tell me it couldn’t possibly be an insect leg because “they don’t have bugs in here”. I told him, "look, I am not trying to get a free meal here and am only asking that you replace only the biscuts and gravy. He would not so I told him to just bring me my check and that I wasn’t trying to argue with him. He briskly walked off and when he returned with my check he slammed it on the table and walked off again. I had only eaten one piece of bacon, one bite of egg and one of dad’s potatoes. I went to pay my bill and asked the lady at the counter if he was the owner. She replied, yes he is. I told her, “that’s too bad.” She asked me was there a problem and I told her about the bug leg she then got short with me and told me there couldn’t be any bug legs because “they don’t have bugs”. I asked her if she would like me to take the leg in and provide her with an analysis of the findings? Now at this point I’m wondering why this woman even asked me what was wrong in the first place when it is obvious that she doesn’t care whether there is a bug in my food or not and is acutally his wife, not a caring employee. The sad thing is that this is not the first poor experience I’ve had with this resturant. Seriously, just because we are in a small town does not mean you have to provide poor quality food and service.

biscuits and gravy


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