Meadows Diner

 101 S Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ

Used to be nice!

I don’t know what happened but over the years, I have seen the attitude in this diner, go down. My family, friends and I used to frequent this diner, every week. Then I started hearing stories and until I heard it or experienced it, myself, I didn’t believe it. I have talked with several waitresses who used to work there and heard horror stories, I felt was sour grapes, until I noticed it, myself. The manager, Maria was always nice. One hostess was very rude to me, once and I will never forget it. We brought our grandchild there when she was a baby. She started to fuss and as a nervous grandmother, I was in the midst of comforting her, when Pat, came up to me, put out her hands and was trying to take the baby from me. I was embarrassed and shocked. She didn’t want the baby to disturb the other patrons, she had said. When I tell you, I had been in that diner more times, than I could count and witnessed my share of many crying children and not once, complained, my feelings were hurt and eyes were on her trying to take my grandchild from me, which was double embrarrassing! Who does that?? My grandchild was hungry and I was trying to prepare her a bottle. It hadn’t been long, that she was crying, or I would have taken her out. I have never forgotten that, day and have not gone back, since. They lost a good customer that day and my family and friends.

Before that day, another incident, I recall, one night, my friend and her husband were to meet us at the diner for dinner. They got there a few minutes before we arrived. After a long day at work, they wanted to just sit down and order their coffee, but again, Pat, told them they were too busy to seat them, unless we were there, all together, ready to be served! They were furious but waited for us and we arrived,shortly,after, then having to wait additional time, for a table, as their table was given to someone, else! They never returned after that, night, either!

Those incidents and what I had been hearing, turned me off. The food was good, price, so, so but I did not care too much for how the help and some patrons was treated by the hostess and management. I always felt sorry for them but I know, many have since, left. I give this diner one star. Improvement should be made, unless it has already been done, I don’t know.

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