Imperial Kitchen

 50 Corinth St
Roslindale, MA


I have been to this restaurant several times over the past year and have enjoyed the food. Yesterday however, I had a very frustrating/unfair thing happen when I stopped in for lunch. I walked through the door and found that there was nobody working at the front counter, but there was someone around back preparing food for the one other customer that was there. After just a couple of minutes the gentleman (who claimed to be the owner) walked to the counter with the other customers order and collected payment. It was now my turn to order. So I start ordering from the LUNCH menu, and am told that lunch ended at 3:00PM. When I looked down at the time on my iPhone it was 3:01PM. I respectfully explained to the gentleman that I had been in the restaurant BEFORE 3:00PM, but was waiting patiently while he helped the other customer with his order. Do you know that this guy WOULD NOT accept this explanation, and expected me to pay the extra couple of bucks for dinner!?! I felt that this was VERY unreasonable, and promptly took my business to a local competitor in West Roxbury (West Garden on Centre St.). THE END.

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