L & L Hawaiian BBQ

 94 E 3rd Ave
San Mateo, CA

This is a fast food type of place with the...

This is a fast food type of place with the usual Hawaiian fare (mix of japanese, chinese, korean) which basically serves “comfort food” with big helpings of starch and fried bits. It’s one of my favorite places and I think some of menu is very good ..and some items are on the “meh..” scale, so your milage may vary depending on what you order.

The chicken katsu has been my favorite for the last several years. It’s always been hot, crispy and juicy whenever I’ve ordered. It’s light on taste (salt, etc) otherwise but the dipping sauce is good.

Their macaroni salad seems to be made with a thicker and creamy (Japanese?) mayo so it’s more on the richer side.

The BBQ chicken musub still has it’s skin on, so it’s juicy. The marinade seems to be a ginger teriyaki sauce and it does tend get messy but that’s just the nature of the beast with it’s 2.5 inches of white rice, LOL!

They also have things like spam musubi, or the Loco Moco (hamburger patty, rice, brown gravy) that are “meh” for me. Not too tasty and you can make it yourself at home. The BBQ Korean ribs were ok, could have been better quality beef. Wasn’t really impressed with their fish plate.

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