Jing Jing

 443 Emerson St
Palo Alto, CA


This is the first time i have ever written a review about any restuarant because it has never been as horrible, with food and customer service in a single place. I have had bad experiences of my own in other restaurants, but this is the first time i couldnt even swollow my food! the food smelled as it tasted! I went to this restaurant with two of my friends and when one of them asked for a napkin the waiter rudely grabbed the napkin from the table next to ours and practically through it at her face, she also asked for new silver ware and he did the same thing! he was so rude! and the only thing that came out of his mouth was NO! The taste of the food is still in my mouth!! Do not even come close to this restaurant,
TRUST US!! its Disgusting!

Hot sour soup, Pot stick, Kung Pao Chicken, Shrimp frid rice

Smell bad, tast bad, overprice, too dry, too hot… Disgusting!!!!!!!

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