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SOI 56 Bangkok

 1556 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Lots of things I've never seen before on a...

Lots of things I’ve never seen before on a local menu. I’m eager to go back and try different things.
Today I tried pumpkin curry and a roti dessert which I loved: rolled roti sprinkled with sugar and served with sweetened-condensed milk.

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Daisyps ate caramel and honey-lavender ice cream cone
Daisyps ate pumpkin curry with brown rice and roti dessert with sugar and sweetened-condensed milk
Daisyps ate a white-choclate/maple ice cream cone from Scoops
Daisyps ate tan-tan-men with corn, green onions, Japanese leeks and no meat
Daisyps ate several ginger biscuits