2600 Nw 87th Ave
Miami, FL

Mediocre food and Nasty Attitude!

I’ve eaten at Aguacates once or twice and I never thought anything great of it. Especially cause I’m a vegan and they’re not too vegan friendly such as being aware that a vegan’s protein are in the beans (not enough served in a dish) or soy (non-existent) but I’d still tag along with my 2 co-workers who usually eat from there.

Today the guy from inside Aguacates told us me and a co-worker should move from their outside table (we always eat outside) which I had no idea was theirs, not marked or separated from the mall tables and after me getting up to throw something out, from inside he very aggressively waved his hand telling me to get out of their table. I told my co-workers, one of whom had ordered from there that I’m never eating there again or sitting on their rusty, dirty out of balance table again. This man infuriated me so much, especially since there were 2 outside empty tables aside from ours and one of us ordered from his nasty joint.

BY FAR, vegan or not the most outrageously GREAT place to eat Mexican in Doral for the same price or lower then this place is FIESTA MEXICAN GRILL on 10433 NW 41st St Doral. They’re courteous, kind, their food is SCRUMPTOUSLY delicious beyond words and everything is genuinely Mexican and very fresh!

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