Inn At Danbury

 67 New Hampshire 104
Danbury, NH

Return visit, this time was there German Fest Weekend...

Danbury Inn is in Danbury NH. As mentioned in some of my earlier reviews. I find this restaurant, outstanding. Food terrific. The owners were on wife swap if some of you watched that show awhile ago. Yes, the kids help out. Running this family German Restaurant, they need all the help they can get. This is our 4th time or so returning to have lunch or dinner there. This Sunday we returned for their German Fest. What a treat. The gentlemen with there instruments playing. We were a bit early before noon time. They played pretty mutch for us until some more people came in for lunch after 1 or so. I was glad to see. The wife is very friendly that greets everyone, and the kids as well. There father is the chef… And I tell you he can cook German. Look out Hooksett, NH you have competition. If you re-call that review. I never got seated at there restaurant at 630pm. I’d rather ride back to Danbury, where the welcome is 5 stars.

My friend had a beer, and i had a martini I know ealry for a martini, but the drinks were on the summer page and the wfie was eperimenting with this one. So I said I would try it. Was called a white martini. Had two excellent. I wasnt driving..

The menu has a lot to go over and gives discriptions of there meats. Please do not be in a rush to come. Enjoy, relax give yourself plenty of time. Everything is cooked to order.

We both had the King special. I had the veal and my friend had the chicken, Coated with this breading that was so light as a feather, and you could see the pound marks in the veal, so you know the chef took his time preparing the veal and the chicken, Came with smoked brakrhurst, spatzal, some saurekraut salad on the side. And a carrot and beet salad fineally came. The little bread servings were great, that we had before the meal, homemade, warm on the inside, soft, and a slight crust on the outside, one had a little bit of sea salt which was really good. The daughter also brought out some sausage all sliced neatly for an apetizer before our meals came. And were both listening to the men playing the german songs. That was fun. The only thing I would have to say is that our Beat and Carrot salad got a little different. Our waitress was funny, she said you could tell, I said we have come here for awhile now. And somehow today it’s different. Still good, but you know when you remember something, your kind of hoping for that same great taste. Her mother she said told her father, that the dish wasnt right. To funny. If I know these owners they’ll go back making it the other way. Course we also had to have desert he makes those as well. I had the choc. baverian cream that was as light as a feather, and my friend had a really nice size of german choc. cake. That looked really good.
Remember, make an afternoon of it for lunch or a supper, no need for reservations. Dont be in a hurry, prices vary. Excellent choices to select from, and there more than willing to tell you what the food all means if your not familiar with the german food. Really good assortment of wines to order from as well. Again this family really puts there heart into there Inn. Outstanding

King chicken or veal

Excellent veal dish, lightly breaded seasoned well, My friend had the chicken, was the same way, lightly breaded. Neither of us had to add any salt or pepper. Shouldnt have to the owner really knows how to cool…
Sides were really good, spetzal,
Desert very tasty. Just what you would expect from these owners.

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