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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

 1048 South St
Wrentham, MA

Artery-clogging southern fried foods for anyone who enjoy...

Artery-clogging southern fried foods for anyone who enjoys a good fried meal. Lots to choose from and the complimentary biscuits and corn muffins are a fantastic start. Plenty on the menu and the store is a great time killer when waiting for a table, which you will be given the restaurant’s popularity. Never had a bad meal here and the staff was always generous. The only drawback is you’ll never find a nearby parking space, given the location of this by a mega outlet shopping mall. But the wait is worth it for the food.

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Daveantoine ate salad mixed in with tuna and flank steak.
Daveantoine ate peanut butter & jelly sandwich along with a baked potato soup.
Daveantoine ate a grilled cheese sandwich that was aged sharp chedder with olive oil and garlic & black pepper in between oat bread.
Daveantoine ate grilled cheese sandwich & fries at Friendly's.
Daveantoine ate chicken melt sandwich.
Daveantoine ate a half chicken with butter and mashed potatoes, topped off with ice cream from Emack & Bolio's
Daveantoine ate delicious breaded fish.
Daveantoine ate Friendly's sandwich.