2222 N Argonne Rd
Spokane, WA


I have been visiting this location several times within this past year. On the last 6 out of 10 visits my order has either missing items, such as a hash brown, 1 of 3 hamburgers, and fries.
The other problem is no one pays attention when you special request an order because of allergies (mustard, ketchup, onions) and even after you repeat your request “make sure it’s plain” they always seem to get it wrong, and do the opposite and include extra of what you don’t want, it’s starting to seem as if they do it out of spite. Example: 12/2/13 my breakfast order was missing the hash brown, that evening I though I would give them one last chance and ordered a big mac with NO ONION with a large fry, it came with EXTRA ONION even though the receipt read NO ONION. and the fries were only half full and cold. Either the employees don’t care, or are just stupid. Either way I will not longer return to that location, and I have filed a complaint with corporate. DO YOUR JOB RIGHT ARGONNE LOCATION!

#1. Big Mac Large Value Meal

I ordered it one way, received it another… the wrong way.

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