Anne's Steakhouse

 18 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD

The worst customer service ever

This was the worst service experience I have ever had. Even though we had a reservation at Anne’s, we were sat in a room shared with Patrick’s Irish Pub next door, which was much louder, busier and less comfortable than Anne’s dining room (the room visible from the street) appeared to be. When we asked about all the empty tables in Anne’s, our server told us that all those tables had been reserved; later we asked another staff member who told us that there had been no reservations. Apart from the server lying to us, she was very slow to return to the table and quick to leave before we could ask for additional drinks and remind her of things she had forgotten. The server took orders from a table who sat down 10 minutes after us well before she took ours. We sat for 45 minutes before the first drinks arrived, another 15 before the server brought bread, and another 25 before our orders arrived. Every time we asked our server about our food, she said “it would be out soon.” At no point did she apologize, try to excuse, or even acknowledge the unreasonable length of time we had been waiting. Our water was never refilled once during the entire evening despite repeated requests. When we went to speak with the restaurant manager, we were informed that the manager was out serving a table – turns out, she was our terrible server! This was puzzling because there were extra waitstaff at the restaurant – the manager appeared to be hogging the tables in the back section while other servers were standing around, unable to do anything.

When the food arrived, one of the dishes had gone cold. The food was otherwise quite good, but the entrees were terribly overpriced given the terrible atmosphere and awful service we received.

Shrimp Scampi

The food was okay, but by the time it came I was hungry enough to eat anything.

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