Chops Lobster Bar

 201 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL

Food and Service do not live up to the decor

The dark and beautiful dining room with its Art Deco wall sconces and chandeliers, its beautiful table settings invites one to anticipate a fine dining experience particularly on a special occasion. This was a special evening – an 82nd birthday to be celebrated.

A rather confused young woman led us to our table after much consulting with the computer and her fellow workers. An affable waiter took our drink orders as we looked around the room. He returned with the drinks and told us about the menu and the cooking techniques used. We had a difficult time hearing him because of loud live music coming from the front bar area. We decided to have a Caviar Service for two as our appetizer.

First a plate of cold blinis was placed on the table followed by the iced plate of caviar and the various condiments all in separate iced bowls. There was one bone spoon for both of us which quickly became messy with each of the additions on the cold blini. I asked for the blinis to be heated – they were whisked away and returned in the same condition. A pot of melted butter was brought to the table – no spoon to drizzle over the cold blinis – one had to pour it from the pot. I asked for more spoons and the waiter did bring several more. By the time we had finished the appetizer with the inept messy service the celabratory mood had dissapated. We ordered another drink.

The second drink was delivered with our main courses and the glasses of wine we had ordered earlier. If the waiter had mentioned that the food was ready to be served we would have forgone the second drink. We also started to feel rushed – they seemed to need to turnover the table. This was not gracious celebratory dining.

The Food: Flash Fried Lobster Tail, a signature entree tasted like fried chicken in a fast food place. The lamb chops were served cooked medium well as I had ordered and were quite tasty. The sauted spinach was redolent of garlic and was quite good.

My companion ordered a desert which came with a lit candle. The waiter set it down and said – “guess someone is having a birthday” and left without finding out who it was or offering good wishes.

The check appeared faster than any of the food – it was paid and we left feeling that this was no place to celebrate anything. I guess if you could nibble on the wall sconces and the decor it might be the only satisfying part of a meal at this restaurant.

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