Tulip Pastry Shop

 8322 N Lombard St
Portland, OR


Very rude to me and my aunt. The floor was sticky and smelled bad. The ceiling hung with dirt. The one I tried to eat was hard and had a big hair in it. When I told the overweight boy at the counter, he acted as if he was retarded and said I dunno. I asked for my money back. They refused because the owner was not there to refund us. I said I would never come back, and as we left heard the boy say a cuss word or two at us. I do not know how this place remains open! My father said not to go in. The last time he was there a rat ran out as he opened the door (REALLY),We thought we would get our own opinions. ICKY!

hard dounut

Hard and stale. It also had a long hair in it!

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