All Town Pizza

 2 E Glenolden Ave
Glenolden, PA

Whatever you do SKIP THIS PLACE

Not only is the food here TERRIBLE – greasy, never hot and the inside really grosses me out, I"m sure they have pest problems also… but the people who run this place have ZERO customer skills.

I’m talking the cheap of the cheap. My office would order from the same few local places each week and All Town was able to join the regular rotation, and they’d have gotten repeat business from a large office of hungry office people.

Our first time ordering the owner would not let us use more than one credit card to pay for the different people’s orders, so we had to call back to add orders separately from to the same location which made no sense to me.

When 2.5 hours passed and our order never showed we called and were told it was our fault for confusing and adding another credit card to the order??

We cancelled the order and I asked for the owner to see if there could be some sort of at least apology to retain the business but was pretty much told he could care less.

Great way to keep business flowing in a bad economy!

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