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How can you lose weight when food is so good?

I travel alot so try to visit locally owned restaurants to support the locals as well as trying out the local flavor.


Swamp House Grill

 488 W Highbanks Rd
Debary, FL

POOR service

I’m actually home for a change and we decided to partake in a nice lunch via boat. We had a few choices but decided upon the Swamp House Grill which was the location of my husband & I’s first date. It is in a nice location on the river with a nice view. We had a total of 5 adults & 1 toddler and visited the restaurant on December 28, 2008. Upon arrival the dining room was less than half full and we were immediately seated. The waitress came over pretty quickly and took our drink orders. We then perused the menu for long enough to decide on our meals and then sat around talking. The drinks (teas, 1 beer & a chocolate milk) took an unusual amount of time and looking back we probably should have taken this as a hint of what was to come. Our drinks arrived and by then the dining room was starting to get full with tables being sat after us. We put in our order (1 breakfast, 4 lunches & 1 kids meal) and continued talking. During this time we requested 2 refills on our drinks and continued to wait and talk. About 45 minutes into our wait the waitress came by to say that they were out of regular French Toast and so my husband just took that part off his order – she said our ticket was next up and should be right out – again our drinks were empty. Once we went over the one hour mark we flagged her over & asked for our drink bill as we were ready to leave. She then said our meals were ready & on their way out so we figured that would be fine. They set all the meals out except for the breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns & the like) and said that they hadn’t been able to fit it on the tray so it would be right out. After a few minutes of waiting we flagged the waitress over to ask about the meal & she came back and said it would be another 5 minutes. We said no to the meal and at that point the waitress said she would have the manager come over to speak with us (we did not request this). We sat waiting and the waitress came back and said the manager wasn’t coming over but that he was giving us a free meal and would we like boxes for our lunches that had arrived? We said no and sat there and ate what we did have, paid our drink bill and left. The food that we did receive was good (not great) but the service was unacceptable. There were more than enough wait staff on that day so something must have been going on in in the kitchen. The waitress made a comment that the Tiki Bar was causing issues for the kitchen. There was no excuse for more than an hour wait for food that was mostly not freshly prepared nor were they busy enough to warrant it. As much as we like the location we would have to say we wouldn’t recommend this restaurant.

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