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I love healthy food and I love enjoying food. Sometimes I find both of these loves in a single meal but I am happy with some trade-offs. By profession, I am an independent business/technology consultant:


Sushi Basho

 2700 W Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO

Our Friday night

My fiancee and I go to Sushi Basho just about every Friday night. It’s close and there are some unique dishes we are just simply addicted to….the sushi itself isn’t the most fresh you’ll find in Denver, but some special rolls, sauces, and 2-for-1 sake more than make up for it.

Tuna Poke

Simply delectable. Tuna sashimi, lightly marinated in a spicy sauce, served over fried taro with some creamy sauce.

U.S. Dream Roll

Hot tuna (slightly spicy) in a roll that’s lightly deep-fried and topped off with two special sauces. We don’t like anything else deep fried at a sushi bar, but this is not like most fried food.

Yimi Roll

Tuna roll with seaweed, topped off with yellow tail and tempura crumb and some sort of special sauce. Melts in your mouth.

Yellow Tail Tar Tar

Sauce has a tang to it. Healthy portions of avocado. A bit of tempura crumb.

Sushi pieces

Most sushi pieces are a mere $1/piece, making it affordable to try different things. We like the salmon and the yellowtail. This isn’t the freshest sushi in town but a few pieces make a nice accompaniment to all the decadent rolls.

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