Porky Pine Pete's SmokeHouse BBQ

 7475 Mineral Point Rd
Madison, WI

Great Meat - but it stops there

All of the meat is really good. Unfortunately they appear to believe that’s all they need for a great Barbecue restaurant – because their sides are way below average and they don’t offer any fries or chips with your meal.
Good barbecue is about more than just the meat Pete! For the money you get good meat – but nothing else. The sauce is a disappointment too – now it’s not bad, but its not special at all. It’s grocery store sauce. Again – Pete just does meat and everything else is pedestrian.
After a meal there I haven’t had a good barbecue experience – just some good barbecue meat. IN the end it’s not worth going out of your way for. I’ll probably not go back.

BBQ briskit

The briskit was tender and had enough burnt – ends to make it very good. The bun was the right texture and the bun-to-meat ratio was very good.
But that’s all you get. Meat and bun. The sides are bland and not very good.
I went out for barbecue and got a sandwich – no barbecue experience.
The meat was good, but really not good enough to go back for.

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