Erling Jensen The Restaurant

 1044 S Yates Rd
Memphis, TN

Distinctive Menu, Great Service

“In every city there is a special place where people go for fine dining. In Memphis, that place is Erling Jensen.” Erling Jensen’s opened 12 years ago in Memphis, TN and I would say is still a hallmark of what a casual elegant classic menu should consist of. Everything is so fresh and each item on the plate pairs so perfectly and originally with the other.

The restaurant itself is lovely, as always—just that perfect combination of chic and classic.

While the food is what will keep you in an Erling’s food spell the wine list is what will make the large bill at the end seem not so bad.

You will be hard pressed to find a better salad or appetizers anywhere in the area but more suprising is the large quantity of the main dish.

If you are going for a special occasion I recommend the Friday Wine Dinner menu. They also have a Sunday Special which is a very affordable way to try some the great foods at a cheaper price ($36) person.

Filet of Buffalo Tenderloin with Lobster Béarnaise

Spectacular dish!

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