Cuban Pete's

 428 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ

Stay Away

I have been to this place many times before but never have I been so disgusted by the outright rudeness and arrogance of the staff as I was recently. I’ve come to expect mediocre service but the food is usually decent. I stopped going here on my own and only go when others want to as was this last scenario. Had reservations for 7:00 for 7 people. I have experienced this place not seating people until entire party arrives but that’s mostly on weekends when there are big lines. This was a weekday with plenty of open tables. We had 4 of 7 there and the others were going to be late. I asked to be seated since we did have a reservation and they absolute refused. The host than said “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” I was so taken off guard I asked if I had just heard him correctly. He actually seemed to enjoy being this rude. My wife and friends were in complete disbelief. I asked to speak to someone in charge. His immediate response was “that’s it, get out of here.” I asked again to speak to someone in charge and he basically threatened me and said something in the line of “don’t worry, someones coming and you’ll be sorry.” I really just stood there in disbelief. Never in my life have I been treated in such a way at a public establishment. This guy clearly gets a kick out of this type of behavior as was apparent to his smirking and under breath comments to the girls around him. It’s clear by the number of similar complaints online line about the staff that they just don’t care. Eventually this will catch up to them. I seriously suggest anyone considering this place go somewhere else.

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Dougp reviewed Cuban Pete's
Dougp reviewed Cuban Pete's