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If I am talking I am not eating

I traveled the world as a kid and young adult, so I have eaten at more restaurants than I could ever review. I have worked in the business as a bouncer and managed restaurants that run in excess of 4m annually. I think this gives me grounds to review them


Mid Del Taco

 4320 SE 15th St
Del City, OK

Ahhh what memories

I practically lived in this place when I was in high school and now 35 years later they have different owners but the food is still the same, I think the sauce might have a little more tobasco in it but still the combo beef & bean burrito make me wax nostalgia for all the good memories of high school. Their original name was Del Taco but some company in California packaged the name so they changed it.
It is a small place maybe 10 tables and they now have an all you can eat. Start with 3 items and just keep going until you are comatose.

Combo Beef and Bean Burrito

I think they are good enough to buy 36 to 48 and have them freeze them, get as much sauce as they will allow you to take. That won’t be much since it is made daily with fresh products. and take the home, lunch and or dinner for the next 12 to 24 days.
I have done that every year for the last 3.

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