3204 Us Highway 98 N
Lakeland, FL

Horrible Denny's top down [go to cracker b]

I waited well over a month to write this review, so it’s with a clear head. There is a problem here and it starts at the top and trickles down to poor food prep, cooking ,service and general managing of delivering a great product and pleasurable experience. I had 3 back to back bad experiences and all three different, from calling in for delivery via app service where as night manager hung up after being rude and nasty after I asked why did you cancel my order an hour after I ordered it on Christmas eve with every other option closed, she hung up, would not give her name after several attempts, took phone off the hook, oh and did I mention she said they were closed… So I go to the restaurant, not closed and just thought Denny’s always find the right people to mess up their brand, manager outside on a smoke break. I go again second time for the meatless burger promotion, the promotion was if you buy a drink you get the meatless burger Free, so I did. In the process of ordering I asked to substitute the American cheese with Cheddar, I dont like American cheese. The server, said no problem. I get my burger with guess what? Answer: American Cheese. So I bring this immediately to her attention and she was upset… come back with same burger, cheese scraped off and replaced with cheddar put back on the grill and charred. Now let’s unpack a bit, shouldn’t the gave thrown the burger away, I’m not into waste but is this not a good idea to take back to the kitchen? But sorrily she did and they didnt make better but worse so I take a picture of the remade, charred meatless and finally the server asked, want me to have them make you a fresh one [I’m like duh]. Now I’m waiting seemingly forever, does she offer a drink or fries or something for all the inconveniences and bad experience NO. Finally got fresh meatless burger with cheddar and it was good [45 minutes later]. 3rd and it’s the crowning of the all bad experiences. Before, I leave I decide to call corporate from my table, as I was so disgusted with this Denny’s. On my way out, I’m asked how was everything and I shared just about all if not more of what I am sharing now and it turns out to be the Regional Manager Hendrick with the store general manager John, I believe. Hendrik was very sympathetic and showed what seemed to be sincere empathy. I showed Hendrick the pics and he said with the service over Christmas and how they performed this particular day he would be upset too and asked how can he make it right. I told Hendrick I would follow up with restaurant. Hendrick volunteered his mobile phone number and told me to let him know again with restaurant GM shadowing him. So after getting in and sending him pics from that day , I also send receipts from Christmas eve so there was a time stamp so he could narrator down all involved in the sh"/t show… I went on a vacation came back and texted him since I never heard back. I texted him 3 more times over a 2 week period still no response and this is the Regional Manager, I’m referring to [smh]. So disappointed. He could have given a gift card and with what appeared to be sincere care when meeting him this could turned out to be different but nope all it did was have me to conclude the problems of this restaurant trickles down from the top. [My apologies for any poor grammar or typos] I hope this review helps other to avoid this particular location. Hendrick said it’s a franchise not corporate run and you can tell.

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