Asia Cafe

 233 Main St
South Berwick, ME

Terrible food and service!

On Friday, 4/17/15, early evening, we placed a telephone order for Chinese food with Asia Cafe located at 233 Main Street in South Berwick, Maine, which is 6-7 miles from our home. We ordered a chicken rice disk with chicken teriyaki and beef moo shu with pancakes, a necessary ingredient for the meal (like buns are crucial for a Big Mac). I specifically heard my wife confirm on the telephone that the beef moo shu included the pancakes.

We paid and collected the order. At home upon our inspection, the beef moo shu had no pancakes and the other meal’s chicken teriyaki had a noticeable bite mark in it so that part of it was missing.

I immediately called Asia Cafe and explained the situation. The Asian Cafe employee (a 10-year-old boy who we saw when we picked up the order) indicated that they forgot to include it and suggested that we return to collect the pancakes. I mentioned the damaged chicken teriyaki. He put me on hold and then said that he could do nothing about it. I requested to speak with the owner or manager so told me that we could collect the pancakes the next time we placed an order, which did not make sense since it is crucial to the meal at hand. I informed the person that I could not return to collect the pancakes that evening and that it was not my error and that they should deliver the pancakes and replaced the chicken teriyaki or we could return the order later untouched. She said that it did not matter because all sales were final. I then requested a credit. She refused to provide a credit. We disposed of most of the order. I then called back on Monday, 4/20/15. I was told to drive to the location and they would give me one dollar, which is unacceptable. There have been no developments since that interaction.

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