Prime Rib + Chocolate Cake

 1200 NE Broadway
Portland, OR

I was invited to this restaurant by others and...

I was invited to this restaurant by others and had not heard of it. Although the title certainly makes it clear that prime rib is on the menu I assumed there would be other choices. There are not!

I was very disappointed to realize my options were prime rib or prime rib (served in various ways). I ended up ordering the salad (which comes with prime rib). To be fair, one can also order breaded tiger prawns:(

The rest of my party was very content and raved about whatever variation of prime rib they ordered. It would be nice to have a couple of other options to offer, i.e. Chicken, fish, a large dinner salad adding chicken or salmon (an alternative to prime rib)

So, if you love prime rib, go for it, but if there are others in your party who like some options…..I’m just saying…

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