Westbury Restaurant

 1836 Centre St
West Roxbury, MA

Foul, Just Foul

This is a sad, ugly, rundown, unhygienic looking place, overseen by an owner who is equally unappealing. He serves horrible, low quality food & is verbally abusive to his customers & staff. Other reviews indicate my unpleasant experience in this cash only hole was not an anomaly.

The pancakes I was served were tough and they were not even warm enough to melt the crappy margarine blobbed on the side. The syrup was the fake stuff, too. The bacon was cheap & greasy.

I could not eat it and since the “cook” decided to ask me why I didn’t gobble down his revolting fare I flat out told him, “this is not good food.” He offered me no apologies, instead he yelled at me to “close my mouth, leave and never come back.”

Not a problem, because there are many clean and attractive places in West Roxbury that serve quality food for the same prices as this nasty, greasy spoon. Smart people will take all their business to those establishments.

Pancakes with bacon

Thoroughly disgusting, tough & cold, served with margarine & fake syrup

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