Walter's Restaurant

 310 Yale Ave
Claremont, CA

New Years' Eve Rip Off

The New Year’s Eve Party at Walter’s was the worst expenditures of money. It was shocking in light of this restaurant is one of our favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We paid $90.00 per person, this included a horrible appetizer buffet of chili, overcooked chicken wings and small little pizza’s (this appetizer part cost $25.00 over the coverage charge per person). Our price also included wine and mixed well drinks…what was covered changed as the night progressed. So, drinks we thought were included we had to pay for…. The DJ in the cottage played the worst music most of the time, there were a few songs that you could dance to….my party (the six of us) went up to dance and he left with his girlfriend. When he returned, we asked him to play Motown or Michael Jackson. This was the only time he responded to a request from us. I spoke to two managers – the first one – the female daughter of the owners was fantastic—-she said she was sorry and asked me what she could do to improve the experience-she brought us a bottle of champagne which was a nice gesture. When her brother, thee manager came to our table and asked how things were, he looked surprised when I said not good and we felt like we were getting ripped of to pay $180.00 per couple. When I stood up to talk to him he was totally defensive, asked me how many drinks I had, which was incredibly insulting. (I had two) I did lose my temper at that point and told him that I felt he was saying F you and advised him to take some customer service classes. Unfortunately an experience like this poisons your impression of a restaurant. Fortunately, the other manager was elegant. We will try to remember that experience as Walter’s has been one of our favorite restaurants in Claremont. When his father managed the restaurant an experience like this would not have occurred.

I apologized to my friends as I had encouraged them to come to Walters and we ended paying over $600.00 for the six of us which was may be worth $150.00.

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