Eddie's House

 E Indian School Rd & N Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ

Eddie's House: My new favorite!

The new restaurant, Eddie’s House, is my new favorite restaurant. When I ate there, I felt like I was having dinner at Chef Eddie Matney’s home. Everything, from Matney’s family tree on the wall to the movies playing on the patio lend to the comfortable vibe. It’s a good mix of comfort and urbane. Eddie’s House is truly a gem in the sea of pretentious Scottsdale restaurants. Everything on the menu is extremely reasonably priced—entrees around $20. Plus, you can also get the entrees in half-size portions. The food is mostly twists on classics. I got the meatloaf, which had bacon throughout…mmmm. I’ve been craving it ever since.

I cannot say enough good things about Eddie’s House. My only complaint is that they’re only open for dinner (4pm-midnight).

The place was super packed when I was there—they just opened last week. I even saw a few celebrities! I guess word is travelling fast about how great Eddie’s House is. I definitely recommend calling for reservations ahead of time. If you don’t get your reservations, it’s definitely worth any wait you encounter at the door! Eddie’s House is a funky, sort of eccentric, FUN place to eat out!

Eddie’s House is located on the northwest corner of Indian School and Marshall Way.


Meatloaf AND bacon…how could this not be good?

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