Solano's Restaurant

 666 Forest St
Orange, NJ

Best Italian Expierience in the USA

My name is Erica Shifman and I started eating at Frank Solano’s restaurant when I was just an itty-bitty little girl upto a big girl and I will never ever forget the expierience for as long as I live! I’ve never in all of my 34 years have ever encountered such a authentic Italian expierience. No other restaurant brings you olives, cheese, and wonderful fresh baked Italian bread before a meal. The sauces that they used were always sooo fresh that I will never forget it. I would give anything in the world to be able to walk into Solano’s again today. I moved away from New Jersey at the age of fifteen and out of all of the things that I ever expierienced in those 15 years I will never forget dining at Solano’s with my family, how exquisite that the food tasted, or how adoring that all of the staff was whom attended to us. They treated us like family, because we loved them like family, and ate there endlessly until we moved away and now I’m stuck in las cruces. NM were all of the food here is a nightmare. I still dream of Solano’s till this day in hope that one day I will be able to make it back .

Vermicelli with meatballs

I honestly don’t remember the price because it’s been such a long time since I’ve been there, but 19 years ago it probably was around $5 or less. I can tell you that I have traveled to many Italian restaurants in my life and not one has ever came close to the authentic Italian flavor that Solano’s brought to every dish. I remember hating broccoli as a child, and that the only time I would touch it was if it was from Solano’s . It was cooked perfectly with a perfect hint of lemon. The vermicelli with meatballs was sooo awesome. I hated tomatoes as a child too and didn’t start liking them until that beautiful, authentic, robust, flavor touched my mouth. I finished my plate every time always hoping that there was more;). I challenge to anybody and everybody who loves Italian food and who is sick of the fake slop served at all other Italian restaurants to come to Solano’s where they treat you like family, and where the food tastes just like our old Italian family’s in it Italy . I know that the family is from Italy and that it is family owned and I feel honored, and privileged to have been treated like a granddaughter by Frank Solano myself.

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