Thai '99

 2210 Fontaine Ave
Charlottesville, VA

Worth trying

I work at Johnson School, and frequently order lunch. I wish this place delivered, but it was worth the short trip. This was my first time ordering from this restaurant, and I love noodles, so I had the lunch special, egg noodles with pork and vegetables. My friend had the green chicken curry.
$6.99 gets you your entree, a cup of a nice clear broth, with scallions and carrots (great for breakfast the next morning, since there’s so much food) and a dessert, which is an odd, but tasty tapioca thing with bits of cooked coconut and papaya. My noodles were perfection; plenty of meat and vegetables, a delicious sauce, and enough to share with curious students. The Caucasian kid needed a chocolate milk chaser (“my mouth is on fire”) and the Mexican kids tore them up (“No es pico!”) My friend’s green chicken curry was also lovely; just hot enough, heavy on the onions.
I’m going to go down the menu, one item at a time; starting with the dumplings. I think I’m in love.

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