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 1757 West Carson Street
Torrance, CA

Awful Or Offal: Torihei In Torrance

They specialize in yakitori which consists of grilled skewered chicken parts and oden which is a Japanese dish stewed in a light dashi broth. I am getting less squeamish about eating organs as I expand my culinary horizons. There is a bit of a mix up with the reservation and we are asked to sit at the bar until a table opens up.

The skewers here blow Honda-Ya out of the water. I wish Torihei was closer to me. The offals at Torihei are offally good.

We have three Sapporos ($4.50 ea). So the cost for 13 food items is $29.50 before tax and tip. (Roughly the same amount of food items cost $32.50 at Honda-Ya.) I found the food quality and preparation here to be vastly superior to that at Honda-Ya. Our tab for two at Torihei comes out to $54 including tax and tip.

Chicken Liver at Torihei

Chicken Liver

Livers are meant to be shared. I think the sweet sauce is a great foil to the stronger liver taste and aroma. These are tender instead of chalky and a great introduction to offals. Liver can be very overwhelming but this preparation helps to balance the strong mineral aftertaste usually associated with liver.

Half Raw Egg With Salmon Roe Oden at Torihei

Half Raw Egg With Salmon Roe Oden

Next, the half raw egg with salmon roe is served. This is so pretty and I love eggs. I think I would like the egg to be a bit more raw for a slightly creamier texture.

Okra With Pork at Torihei

Okra With Pork

The okra wrapped with pork is a rather small portion. I wouldn’t mind if it was just okra. That way the okra itself would be more charred. Grill marks on okra impart a beautiful smokiness and that’s missing in this dish.

Chicken Heart at Torihei

Chicken Heart

I finally muster the courage to try heart. I have never had chicken heart before and these are so tender. I am sad that we leave the mustard behind when we move to a table from the bar. I would order this again. I would also like to try chicken gizzard next time.

"Mochikin" Rice Cake Oden at Torihei

"Mochikin" Rice Cake Oden

The “Mochikin” cake is a fried tofu pouch filled with mochi and tied with a dried sash. The first time I ever had one of these, I almost choked on the filling. I took too big of a bite and didn’t realize how the gummy interior would make it difficult for me to chew and swallow.

Fatty Pork at Torihei

Fatty Pork

The last dish to arrive is the fatty pork and it is indeed fatty. It’s served with grated daikon that really helps to cut the grease.

Beef Tongue at Torihei

Beef Tongue

The beef tongue with wasabi is tender and delicious. It’s the perfect thickness. I would definitely order this again.

Whole Tomato Oden at Torihei

Whole Tomato Oden

The whole tomato is served with gooey cheese on top in a creamy broth. It’s like Japanese caprese.

Whole Squid at Torihei

Whole Squid

We trade a couple of hearts for some some squid. These have a nice chewy texture and a great char from the grill.

White Radish Oden at Torihei

White Radish Oden

The first dish to arrive is the white radish with bonito flakes and karashi (mustard). The mustard is strong and the radish is wonderful. It has the sweetness of winter melon. Next time I want one to myself.

"Hanpen" Fish Cake Oden at Torihei

"Hanpen" Fish Cake Oden

The “Hanpen” fish cake is so light and fluffy.

Chicken Thigh at Torihei

Chicken Thigh

The chicken thigh is juicy as it should be. This is a good opportunity to sample the seasonings. The red togarashi is fairly potent and has some kind of numbing effect.

Special Beef Skewer at Torihei

Special Beef Skewer

We order the special beef skewer to try something off the robata-yaki menu. This is also delicious but I like how the beef tongue had just a dot of wasabi allowing the star ingredient to shine.

Chicken Breast With Seasoned Cod Roe at Torihei

Chicken Breast With Seasoned Cod Roe

The chicken breast with seasoned cod roe is also juicy. I like how colorful and flavorful this chicken dish is.

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