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"Gimme oysters and beer for dinner everyday of the year"

I enjoy dining @ family-owned restaurants where food quality & service is given priority. Chains & franchises often lack the attention to detail one can find in an establishment a chef/owner has poured heart and soul into. I eschew fast food & buffets.


Tippy Canoe Bar & Grill

 28242 Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, OR

Way overpriced!

I have been frequenting the Tippy Canoe for years and have watched it change hands many times. It used to be mainly a drinking establishment with bar food until Shirley purchased it.

My girlfriend and I stopped in for a snack one day and I knew it was expensive but I had heard from several people that it was very good quality food and the portions were large.

It was one of the first nice days of spring here in the Pacific
Northwest and we asked if we could sit outside. Shirley said “Sure
but first let me put my German Shepherd in the car.” Once she got
her dog put up she seated us at a nice table in the sun with fir
needles all over it. She came back with a rag to remove the fir
needles and wiped most of them into my lap. My lady and I had a
good laugh and shrugged it off. We weren’t extremely hungry so we decided to share the crab melt at a cost of $18.00. She brought us
both a cup of clam chowder which was good but when the crab melt
arrived we thought it must be a joke. It was on the smallest English
muffin we had ever seen, the crab was most definitely out ofh a can with a slice of processed cheese melted on top. We couldn’t even finish it due to the poor taste. $18.00 ??? We have never returned for a meal.


Sailfish Food & Spirits

 12287 U.s. 90
Luling, LA

Nice atmosphere, okay food, poor customer service.

I was invited to the Sailfish for a steak by a co-worker and was delighted when I walked through the door. The decor and atmosphere are really nice. We sat at the end of the bar, ordered our meals and a beer and engaged in conversation while we waited for our food.

Shortly, the owner came and sat at the bar next to us and immediately began barking orders to his kitchen staff who took turns coming to the door and timidly answering his questions regarding food quality and the like. We found this to be quite annoying but apparently is a common occurrence.

When our food arrived I found my ribeye to be cooked medium-well instead of rare as I had ordered. I never send my food back so I remained silent and began eating my meal. After a few bites the bartender asked me how my steak was cooked and I told her it was overdone. She looked at the owner and he shrugged his shoulders and said “it must have gotten switched with somebody else’s”. No apology, no “can I make it right” just a shrug.

I ate my meal, paid my bill, left a 20% tip and walked out the door.

Several days later I ran into the owner at another establishment in town. I remained quiet even after he was invited to join our table by a local couple I was sitting with. He introduced himself to me and started telling me about “his” restaurant. I finally asked him if he could take some constructive criticism which he acquiesced to. After reciting my experience he apologized and said “Well, I had a black cook that evening and everyone knows that blacks overcook their food.”
I was literally speechless for a moment then accused him of being a racist….which he denied. He claimed that he was stating a fact. Wow!!!

He offered several times to make things up to me and requested me to come back and order anything on the menu free of charge. I figured he had the opportunity to make it up to me the night he just shrugged his shoulders. I will never return to The Sailfish.

My recommendation? Patronize Zydeco’s just down the road. Good food and great service.


Landry's Seafood House

 600 N Shoreline Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX

A little overrated I think.

My fiancé and I dined at Landry’s in November, 2011 and had a somewhat mediocre experience. We went on a Friday evening and they were crowded. We didn’t have reservations so we had to wait in the lobby for about thirty minutes. Another gentleman, also waiting and apparently a regular was enjoying a cocktail while he chatted with us. No one asked if we would like a libation but this customer told us he could order one for us which was considerate.

Once seated, it was impossible not to notice that a wedding party
was upstairs. The P.A. system was so loud we could hardly carry on
our own conversation. Not wanting to appear annoyed we gave up
on our conversation and started listening to the various toasts being
made to the newly wedded couple upstairs.

When the food arrived it was good but not outstanding. The service was decent. The experience was not worth what we paid and we would never go back.


Tavern On the Bay

 108 Peoples Street
Corpus Christi, TX

Al fresco dining on the water...

We ate here on several occasions enjoying the cool clear evenings on Corpus Christie Bay. The food is perhaps a little better than standard pub fare but we came for the ambiance and the drinks. They often have live music which adds a nice touch to the many lights reflecting and dancing off the shimmering water. This is a great place to bring a date or someone who lives inland. The staff is friendly, courteous and attentive. We always had an overall good time.


Fajitaville Grille

 221 South Hotel Place
Corpus Christi, TX

Large new venue on North Beach.

While working in Corpus Christie in the Fall of 2011 my fiancé and I watched as workers put the finishing touches on this three story multi-colored edifice located right on the water near our motel.

We attended the Grand Opening and enjoyed several selections from their limited menu. We returned a couple of weeks later for dinner and their were additional menu items. Again we enjoyed our meal. We were hoping to visit once everything was up and running with a complete menu but had to move on. 

If we ever get back to Corpus we will definitely come here as they seem to have a unique and exciting business plan.



 225 W Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR

Excellent homestyle fare...

We enjoy dining here in Winter on dark and gloomy days. The comfort food served here is mouth watering and the portions are large. They serve pastas, wonderful hot and cold sandwiches and a varied selection of steaks. In our minds they are most well known for their Yankee Pot Roast and Slow Roasted Turkey. Like I said…comfort food.

The atmosphere is pleasant and homey as it is in an old residence. When busy you feel in tight quarters although everyone is always pleasant like a big happy family.

We have never experienced poor service and intend on going back a few times each winter.


Taste of Village Chinese Restaurant

 302 E Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, OR

Don't judge a book by it's cover...

Our home town has this “hole in the wall” Chinese restaurant that in our opinion is the best in East County. It’s in an old building in downtown Troutdale and is not much to look at but this is one of those cases where you don’t want to judge a book by it’s cover.

They serve traditional Cantonese and Szechuan fare, nothing fancy. They just do it better than anyone else in our local area. You will find plenty of reasonably priced combinations as well as main courses. They have a lounge if you prefer that atmosphere. 

We enjoy ordering pot stickers and a sampler plate then washing it down with a local craft beer.

The ambiance is non-existent and the severs are attentive although somewhat cantankerous which is easily overlooked after biting into any one of the delectable items on their menu.

Four and a half stars for the quality of the food!


The Patio On Guerra

 116 S 17th St
Mcallen, TX

They went the extra mile to make our experience special.

I was working 12 hour days 7 days per week in Mission, Texas during the month of November, 2010. My fiancé was flying in from Oregon to spend the rest of the season with me and I wanted to take her to the nicest place I could find to celebrate her belated birthday. I spent over a week asking many locals where I could find the nicest fine dining restaurant in the area. It is interesting to see what some people characterize as “fine dining”. I would get some suggestions and then I would drive to each restaurant to see if it fit my criteria. Most did not and many did not seem to be worth the time to get out of the car to inspect. 

Ultimately I was referred to The Patio on Guerra. It is on 17th Street which reminds me a little of Austin’s 6th Street only seems like more nightclubs. I dined at the bar on the patio and told the bartender my plans to surprise my lady with a birthday dinner. She was very helpful and brought the manager to meet me. I made a reservation and explained my work situation asking if he could have someone order a bouquet of two dozen roses to have waiting on our table when we arrived. He was more than happy to help me and said that they would add the cost of the flowers to our dinner ticket. He didn’t require a deposit when I offered and arranged everything without any guarantee that we would show up. Quite impressive! 

When we arrived for dinner everything was perfect. We imbibed a libation at the bar while waiting for our table and it was from there that my lovely lady   
first saw the magnificent bouquet at the corner table and remarked how gorgeous it was. I said “Well, that’s probably our table” just as the hostess came to lead us back to it. The smile on Linda’s face as we were being seated made all of the effort totally worth it. 

The bouquet had much more than just two dozen roses. It also contained lilies, baby’s breath and other beautiful flowers I was theretofore unfamiliar with. It was huge, the size of a small shrub and obstructed our view of each other as we sat at our intimate table. This drew the attention of every woman in the restaurant which just broadened Linda’s smile. Luckily our server found a place close by to set the bouquet while we dined.

Our meal was exquisite and the service was top notch. Linda had a pork chop that had to have been an inch and a half thick with tantalizing juices that ran into her plate each time she cut into it. I feasted on the rack of lamb that was equally flavorsome. Our dessert was delectable! I know a lot of this special evening had to do with the company we were enjoying but I think we both agree that this was one of the very best dining experiences either of us has had.


Sea Ranch Restaurant and Bar

 1 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX

A savory ending to a most excellent day...

My fiancé and I dined here in November of 2010 after a day of beach bar hopping on South Padre Island. We had worked up quite an appetite and I, having only been to the Island once before was looking for a nice repast to conclude our day. The choices for seafood restaurants are many but after asking several locals we decided on the Sea Ranch.

We started with a Baker’s Dozen oysters on the half shell and the Artichoke Parmesan Cheese Dip. For our entrees, the lady had Lobster while I continued to feed my oyster craving with the Blackened Laguna Madre oysters.

The meal was superb, the service splendid and the atmosphere most romantic.

A fitting end to a wonderful day. 


Acme Oyster House

 3535 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA

The Best Chargrilled Oysters I Have Ever Tasted

I have had the pleasure of dining at several ACME Oyster House  locations including the flagship original in the French Quarter of New Orleans. My favorite, bar none, is the Baton Rouge venue. Perhaps it’s because this is the only restaurant that ACME actually built for themselves. ( The other buildings were all pre-existing when ACME moved in). Maybe it’s because I like the menu better in the Baton Rouge location. I think it’s because they have the friendliest staff. 

My favorite place to dine is at the bar right in front of the shuckers
and the grill.  I enjoy the friendly repartee shared with Everett and Leo as they prepare my two dozen Chargrilled Oysters while I sip an
ice cold Abita Amber served up by Kaitlin, Alexis or Courtney. In my
opinion ACME serves THE BEST chargrilled oysters. I’ve slurped
comparable ones at Parrain’s, Drago’s, Mike Anderson’s, Zydeco’s
and a myriad of other establishments but I prefer ACME’s over all
the others.

I have tried other fare here. The Étouffée, gumbo, fish, red beans & rice, etcetera is very good but I’m usually too full of oysters and beer to order anything else.

They also offer a frequent diner program which basically gives you 20% off which is nice for those of us who would keep coming back anyway.

Five stars ACME!

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