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Don't eat spoiled seafood


Fresh Catch Seafood and Cafe

 30 Chauncy St
Mansfield, MA

The food is decaying in the display case. If...

The food is decaying in the display case. If you buy a lobster they just go out back and seal up a dead one on a bag so you can;t look at it until you get it home. The owner is a jerk that is rude to people and would rather spend his time changing online reviews instead of cleaning his filthy kitchen

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  • 12/07/2016

    Fatbill tried Fresh Catch Seafood and Cafe, didn't like it, and rated it . Fatbill didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    Spoiled fish that smelled washed in bleach to cover up the rot. Sead shellfish and a lobster with a rotten claw.

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