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Look for good wait staff in a restaurant. Treat them well. If not, you may end up with more than you ordered on your dinner plate.


Crazy Turks Pizza Bar and Grill

 2910 Washington Road
Augusta, GA

Better Than Dominos

You know, I would give this pizzaria an actual 3.5 stars, if there were a place for it. Okay, I’m starting out with their worst aspect, so that there is no where to go but up from there. Plain and simple, its greasy, very greasy. That’s it in a nutshell. Their toppings are fresh, the dough is very simple, but kept to a minimum thin crust that is actually quite delightful. The sauce was nice and not overseasoned, but for some reason they use that cheap cheese that yeilds a bountiful amount of grease. You almost have, you crazy Turks, you! The wait staff is pleasant to deal with and there is a nice, full service bar in the back. The second time that I went, they actually had a live band playing outside where they host about ten tables under a canopy.


So far, the best dish that I’ve tried. This is the close cousing of the calzone (which they also serve) is served without ricotta and the ingredients are delightfully fresh and quite warm.

Deluxe Pizza

This pizza had me up until the cheese,we could’ve drank have of the cheese through a straw. My wife and I shared the 16" za with a couple of drinks. The toppings were fresh, the sauce was seasoned just right, and the dough was thin and crispy, a real winner… if they change the cheese.

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